What is a Hybrid Team?

High quality professional developers in a local+remote cost efficient setup to build your dream product or team.
It supports you with a project or a long-term development force that becomes a natural part of your organization.
It can start very small, sometimes with less then one resource full capacity.

How does it work?

We identify and setup tailored-maid developers and specialists based on your competence needs.
The remote team will have the capability you need to run an agile software development.
The local management team has extensive experience managing remote development towards Sri Lanka. Having solid expertise in remote and multi-culture communication, this team will support the communication process.
The resources are employed by us and work in our offices in Sri Lanka or Gothenburg.
This way you focus on the software product requirements your business need.

You lead, and we deliver!

Do you need high quality professional developers in a cost efficient setup to build your dream product, team or get that improvement out in the market?

We secure that you get what you need with our top of the line hybrid teams!

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