Who We Are


I’ve started my career as a mechanic and worked for almost 10 years with cars. In my 3 years at NSC I have evolved into a Leader working at Lynk&Co as a maintenance manager.
Being a father of two beautiful daughters, makes my family to be one of my favorite hobbies. It makes me really glad to be able to spend time with them. When I am not with them, I am out riding mountain bike. For me, flexibility in life is very important. My position within NSC and my assignment at Lynk&Co gives me freedom to work with flexibility.
My professional passion, apart from mechanics, is people. How we work, how we operate and what makes us act the way we do. It makes me sad to see so many people working their asses off in places that does not allow them to grow. At NSC, I have had the opportunity to explore and grow my passions. I have also made a lot of new friends, created a lot of great memories and got to experience a real team spirit.

I am a Senior Developer that had a dream to further develop my career abroad. NSC has helped me to move to Sweden and to find work using cutting-edge technologies at an exciting customer.
I am passionate about exploring new trends in software craftsmanship, at the same time, spending joyful time with my family and travelling to beautiful places is an important part of my life. It has been a great opportunity for me to find a company that enables all of that.
The people at NSC Sweden work together as a family. We motivate each other to deliver the best of us. This provides necessary motivation to approach things and problems from a different perspective. I am dedicated and committed to build my legacy, and I truly believe NSC is the best partner to support my journey.

I am a Cloud, Big Data, AI and Cricket enthusiastic. If you are looking for a place for your career growth and personal development at same time, then NSC is the best place for that.
I wanted to explore more opportunities outside of my country, find freedom, help others, go out into the world making my mark.
NSC has helped me to relocate to Sweden and to find the next step in my career where I can get valuable working experience from high-tech professionals and firm.
NSC has an incredible culture of openness and great people to work with. Truly, it is a team culture where all members of the team are willing to jump in and help. NSC leadership genuinely cares about each individual and want them to succeed and be recognized for good work.

NSC has giving me the opportunity to enrich my career as a Security Service Engineer. I have developed my skills and experiences through a variety of projects and working with a competent and truthful team. For me it is important to be in a culture where everyone is fairly treated, and what I regard the most at NSC is the integrity.
I am always seeking to develop my skills. It gives me great satisfaction when a Customer is pleased with our team’s work. NSC culture helps me to deliver excellence in what I do, to strive for quality, to pay attention to details that matters. We are a united team that supports each other and strive for efficiency and quality together.
At NSC, we praise openness and life balance. I can be myself and trust that we always talk openly, that no one would get sad without talking to each other, and I find the flexibility to enjoy many other aspects of life, like my family and simple pleasures like reading.

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